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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of Lighting and Electrical Materials (hereinafter referred to as “the products”) by Lamphallen AB, organization number 559106-9892, (Lamphallen) unless otherwise agreed in writing between the respective customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and Lamphallen. When selling to a consumer, Lamphallen applies the mandatory rules that follow from applicable legislation. Lamphallen online store (www.lamphallen.se) is called lamphallen


Lamphallen sells Lighting and Electrical Materials via internet to private individuals, companies, associations, authorities, municipalities and legal entities. To shop with us you must have reached the age of 18 and have a valid EU ID document for package shipment. If you are under 18, you need to have consent to your purchase from your guardian. The products we sell can be used in Europe and they have a user manual when the product so requires, either in physical or digital form. All prices are inclusive of Swedish VAT.


Order is made on our website www.lamphallen.se Please read our Shop and Pay Guide. If you have more questions about how to order, please call our Customer Service or send an email. Completed order means you agree to our terms of purchase and agree that your personal information is registered in our customer register. Purchase agreements will not be reached until we confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to the email address you provided. In case of errors in i.e. indication of price, stock differences, delivery time, etc. we reserve the right to correct this afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you can of course choose to cancel your order free of charge. Coupon codes can only be used individually, not in combination with each other.


At checkout you can choose between Invoice Payment , Partial Payment, Card Payment or Direct Payment. All payment methods are handled by Payson or PayPal. Lamphallen guarantees that the payment options offered on Lamphallen.se are secure. Lamphallen offers a secure card payment with VISA and MasterCard in cooperation with Payson. When paying by card, the customer is sent to a secure page where the customer can safely fill in his card details and complete the payment. Lamphallen never handles the customer’s card details. All prices are quoted in Swedish Krona, USD or Euro inclusive of VAT. Any shipping cost will be charged depending on the shipping option you choose when ordering.

personal data

In connection with your registration and / or order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to complete and provide the service you may expect from us. According to PUL (Personal Data Act) you are entitled to receive the information we have registered with you. If you consider it incorrect or irrelevant, you may request correction or removal from our customer register. Please contact our customer service and we will assist you.

The information you provide about yourself is used by Lamphallen and our partners for payment and delivery. We guarantee that no information about you will be sold or passed on to third parties. Lamphallen uses data from the customer registry for sending out via SMS and e-mail about our products. You will receive our newsletter as you go through the checkout, and you can also subscribe to our newsletter when registering as a customer. You can cancel your subscription at any time, either through the link in the newsletter or by contacting our customer service.


All content on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads and other software, belongs to Lamphallen.se or our suppliers and is protected by Swedish and international copyrights laws.

Shipping and delivery

Delivery time is usually 1-4 business days, counted from the day after you placed your order, provided we have the item in stock. Once the product has left our warehouse, the delivery responsibility goes to the shipping companies that deliver your order within the time limit. Lamphallen can not provide a delivery guarantee for goods that are not in stock at the time of purchase or for goods that left our warehouse. This means that the total delivery time before the product reaches you may be longer than stated as normal for the chosen shipping mode if the carrier itself causes a delay.

Because we have two large warehouses, your order can be shipped in two deliveries. This means that parts of your order are shipped from a warehouse, and the remaining items from another warehouse. We always try to ship all items so they are delivered approximately simultaneously. With two different deliveries, you will also receive two different delivery confirmations on email. In the message you receive item numbers that you can use via Postnord or DHL to track your delivery.

Methods of delivery

Delivery of ordered goods takes place with Postnord, DHL or DB Schenker.

Parcel post

Shipping to delivery center - Postnord (from 55 SEK) depending on product weight and dimensions. The shipment arrives at your nearest Postnord representative, eg. a nearby grocery store. An SMS is sent out with information about where to pickup your package. The package should be collected within 14 days to prevent it from returning.

Home Delivery - Postnord (299 kr)
Delivery takes place to the house if you live in a villa as well as to the port if you live in an apartment. Delivery is done on a daily basis. Postnord will contact you to book a delivery. In most places you can choose either day or evening delivery, but in some places you can only get the package delivered during the day and others only in the evening. To check delivery times in your place of residence, contact Postnord at 0771-33 33 10.

Lamphallen offers free shipping when the customer places an order of 500 kr or more. Lamphallen offers the cheapest shipping option.

Pickup yourself

If you want to avoid shipping costs, you are welcome to pick up your goods. Before you pickup your package, it is important that you first receive an email confirming that your package is ready for collection. Your order goes through a process and is picked up at different times of the day. You will receive a delivery confirmation sent to your email address when your order is ready for download. Then you have 14 days to pick up your package.

Keep in mind that you or your representative must be able to show identification and order number at the time of collection. If someone else retrieves your package, the person must show your credentials.

Opening hours for the pickup:

Must be booked via email or telephone for temporary: info@lamphallen.se

Transportation Liability

If the goods are damaged or removed during transport from us to you, we are responsible. If you return, you are the who is responsible for the goods.

transport damage

If the product is damaged at the time of delivery, this should be notified immediately to us. In order for us to report the damage to our carrier, we need to report the shipping damage to this within 1-3 days. We are therefore grateful if you report the damage within this time. This applies to both visible and hidden transport damage and it is therefore important that you unpack and check that the product is defective as soon as possible after receipt.

If the damage is visible, it is easiest if you report this directly to the driver upon receipt of the shipment. Remember to always save the packaging to ensure proper handling of the complaint.

An item that is incorrectly expended should be notified as soon as possible to Lamphallen.
If a product is felexpediered, damaged or incorrect, we undertake to remedy the error free of charge.

Unsolved order

We reserve the right to charge the costs of handling resulting from unpacked packages (return shipping, expedition costs, etc.). Therefore, we charge a fee of 299 SEK if a package is not collected. The shipment can stay with the postal agent for 14 days before it is returned to us. Please note that if you undo a purchase and want to return the item, you will first need to pick up the package and then return it as described below. Unsold packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Delivery Delay

You are entitled to cancel your purchase at no extra cost if it delayed by the delivery date. If we find out any delivery delays of your order, we will contact you promptly by email or phone.

Force majeure

Events such as war, natural disaster, labor market disputes, government decisions, missing deliveries from subcontractors, extinct circumstances and equivalent events beyond our control, which could not be expected, should be attributed to force majeure. This means that Lamphallen is freed from its obligations to fulfill entered agreements.


Complaints or comments regarding Lamphallen's services or products should be notified to our customer service by e-mail.

Copyright reference

Lamphallen has copyright to the design and content of all pages. A reproduction or reuse of the whole or any part is prohibited without the written consent of the Lamphallen. Likewise, we retain and remain the rights to any form of reproduction, especially in printed, electronic and other media. All brand names, product names and logos are registered trademarks.


Lamphallen strives to provide an accurate and complete information on this website. Lamphallen, however, does not accept or guarantee the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided on this website. This Press page also applies to Facebook and Instagram.

Procedure for appeal to you as a consumer

If you want to appeal your purchase, you must direct your request to Lamphallen.se via the following e-mail address: info@lamphallen.se or via our other contact options. If you live outside Sweden, you have the opportunity to use the EU Commission's online complaint portal. You can find the complaint portal here. However, we do not participate and are not obliged to participate in a formal dispute settlement process over the Comercial Committee, designated by the EU Commission.

Right of withdrawal and return

As a customer, you always have 14 days right of withdrawal under the Distance and Home Sales Act. The withdrawal period begins to run from the day you received the item.

Please note that it is sufficient for you to inform us that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days, so you need not return the item within 14 days for the right of withdrawal to be valid.

If you want to change a product, return the product you want to exchange, you will then receive a refund and place a new order.

Here's how to return:

  • Fill the return form (PDF file).
  • Send it to info@lamphallen.se
  • Send the package back to: Lamphallen AB
    Svarvaregatan 7, 30250 Halmstad, Sweden

All goods must be shipped in such a way that is safe for transportation can take place.
Must be sent as a business package, package, letter or equivalent where we will receive the goods.
We do not redeem goods against postage. Keep in mind that you are responsible for re-transportation.
Save receipt with collateral number!
Shipping costs for the return are the customer's own.
Refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt of the goods.
Repayment of the entire value of the goods, transport and fees occurs.
Only return shipping is paid by the customer in the course of the right of withdrawal.
When returning shared orders, the value of the goods is refunded.


Lamphallen sells all products with a minimum 1 years warranty. The product warranty covers only original manufacturing errors, i.e. errors found in the product upon delivery. Manufacturing errors must be noted by the lamp hall, after which the customer receives free repair or a new product or the money back. This assumes that all care instructions have been followed and that normal care has been observed. In case of a complaint, you must provide a proof of the defect of the product where the error is clearly visible, and send it to info@lamphallen.se which further helps you with the process. Any refund will be made as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from receipt of the defective item on our stock.

Price Guarantee

We at Lamphallen want to ensure that you always get the best price on the market. In our large range, there may be products you find at a cheaper price at any of our competitors. We therefore have a price guarantee on all our products. The price guarantee is valid for 14 days after you have completed your purchase. You can also claim price guarantee before completing your purchase with us.

Do the following checks in the comparison of the price:

  • Check that the product is of the same brand, type, model year and has the same specifications.
  • Make sure the product is in stock at the store you compare. The product must also be brand new, it must not be used, demo product etc.
  • Make sure the price, including shipping costs and other charges, is overall lower.

Other rules in the price guarantee:

  • The store must be registered as a reseller at the Swedish importer of the product in question.
  • The store you compare with, must be a Swedish-registered company with Swedish phone number and normal opening hours. You may not compare with an individual.
  • The price guarantee does not apply to sales in connection with bankruptcy or termination, since you are then without warranty and warranty after your purchase.
  • The store must be able to deliver the product immediately when the Lamp Hall controls your information.
  • In order to buy the cheaper product you do not have to act on Facebook or in similar forums, or join a club / group. Personal discounts are not included in a price comparison.
  • For administrative reasons, Lamphallen does not pay back price differences below 50 SEK.

If you find that a competitor with us has a lower price on a product according to the above criteria, do the following:

  • Send us an email via the contact form.
  • on our website attach the link to the online store where you found the product with a lower price (link directly to the product). Also include a calculation that shows that the total price, including shipping and other costs, is lower at the competitor.
  • If you compare with a physical store, we need a copy of the ad or similar material where you have seen the cheaper price. We also need contact information to the store to control your information.
  • Lamphallen pays back the entire difference if the above checks are carried out and the rules are met. We will refund the difference to your bank account within 14 days after we have received and approved your information.
  • If you claim a price guarantee before completing your purchase, you will receive a discount code after the price difference has been approved. The discount code corresponds to the difference and is used when completing your purchase of the current product at checkout.
  • The price guarantee applies only to the purchase of products for private use, not for resale. Lamphallen reserves the right to limit the price guarantee to a copy of each product per customer.
  • The price guarantee does not apply to price changes on lamphallen.se's own products.

Customer service

Phone: 035 10 12 75
E-mail: info@Lamphallen.se